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61 Responses to SNSD UFO Reply

  1. Viv says:

    Taeyeon you are awesome.

  2. Seung jun says:

    써니 누나 누나에 애교 너무 너무 괴여워 요 사랑헤요

  3. seung jun says:

    (sunny) noona, you are so adorable the first time i saw ur aegyo i almost fainted haha anyway always take care of yourself and members and forever snsd!

  4. Mimi Milah says:

    수영, 사랑 시카 합니까?

  5. YasminHeartsSnsd says:

    How to post all those comment then snsd replies? Post here?

  6. Arnold says:

    hello there Jessica

  7. Nurul Aina says:

    Wish You all Good Luck !!! Do your best ,soshi … 🙂

  8. Li Mun says:


  9. Emily says:

    (Tiffany) Noona, You must take care of your health!

  10. Li Mun says:

    Hello Yuri

  11. g6bj says:

    what website for Ufo Reply?
    I really want to Say something to SNSD

  12. Raphael Jonathan says:

    How is it that they are able to chat with them??? Can someone please tell me???!!!!

  13. Najwa Fany says:

    unnie yonna what are you doing now??

  14. Najwa Fany says:

    unnie yoona you are so cool i’m really wanna meet 9 of you…: 😥 i’m from Malaysia…but i’m not stay at Kuala Lumpur….your first consert at KL i’m not going cause it so far away from my hometown….

  15. Najwa Fany says:

    unnie how are you hmm i really hope i can meet you…

  16. suzana says:

    Anyanseya jokorom suzana
    Frome jordan
    Nomo nomo nomo nomo saraghneeee
    I love you

  17. suzana says:

    Yoona i love you
    You love me ?
    You love arabe fans ?
    Please tell me

  18. Yamim says:

    Yuri is beautiful i love youuuu

  19. 카 하이, 당신들은 예 답변 어떤 부탁 아르 ^ ^

  20. Nadine says:

    나는 수영의 언니를 사랑 ^ ^ V ~

  21. Juliana says:

    ohohoho this is awesome!!!

  22. evhy sunshiners SONE says:

    sunny eonni… you are so cute, i hope i can like you^^

  23. Reka Syawal Ananda says:

    SNSD Or Sone
    How are today ?
    Im Fine 🙂

  24. Like ! This Plisss!
    This From Sone Indonesia

  25. 축하합니다! 소녀시대 ‘I GOT A BOY’가 KBS ‘뮤직뱅크’ 에서 2주 연속 1위를 차지 했습니다.
    그리고, f(x) 멤버 빅토리아, 엠버, 크리스탈이 소녀시대를 응원해주기 위해 깜짝 방문도 해주었네요~!

  26. peheo snsd says:

    love snsd sooyoung yuri and yulsic forever^^

  27. sungji kyung says:

    당신이 sone 인도네시아를 표시하지 않으려면, 수영?

  28. 나는 매우 당신을 사랑 Yoona도 난 너 때문에 잠을 잘 수가 없어! 내가 당신을 사랑한다는 건, Sone! YonTaeSeo는 당신을 사랑합니다

  29. Gaoshee says:

    what is the website called ?

  30. sica eonie,you sportif you cute and fine
    i like you 🙂

  31. Yohana says:

    (Yoona) Noona, why you’re so pretty?

  32. stella says:

    ahhmm.. did snsd can read my letter?? ahmm i am a big fan of you guys… and i really searching all the website that i can find you and can read my message. even on facebook, they were saying that they are the true snsd member,and i know that they are not true but still sometimes i just thinking that they are true so that i can chat and tell what is my feelings to snsd.. i really like you guys……actually every month i have a favorite member on snsd and my favorite member for the month of march is sunny ..cause ur so cute … 🙂

  33. stella says:

    haha 🙂 (funny) im like a stupid here….

  34. mayang asoka says:

    seohyun unnie i from indonesia cant you show in indonesia,and i like keroro too like you.sorry if my english is not good because i’m only 12 years old 🙂 please replay this

  35. mayang asoka says:

    please reply to my message because I’m willing to stay up late in order to see immediate word from you

  36. Dyah Octa says:

    Can i be your sister Taeyeon eonnie???

  37. Zahra says:

    [Taeyeon]noona, how do you think about Yoona ?

  38. LoonieHew says:

    SNSD hwaiting ! ^~^

  39. Anisa Sone says:

    I miss you unnie, why do not you come to Indonesia, and I hope you will come again this year 2013. ^^

    I miss you GG

  40. kim taeyeon says:

    I love girl genaration
    Im kim taeyeon

  41. 賈景翔 says:


  42. 賈景翔 says:


  43. Park Rae Soo says:

    are you getting you more beautiful
    I’m so jealous

  44. Park Rae Soo says:

    ( Taeyeon )are you getting you more beautiful
    I’m so jealous

  45. nguyễn đào anh thi says:

    나는 그녀 2 taeyoen 네브라스카의 팬이었다

  46. dilkudil says:

    whether SNSD will hold a tour again?
    please in charge ^ _ ^

  47. Tony Dang says:

    Please come to Viet Nam again, I miss all of you so much.

  48. Anggita says:

    Yoona Noona.. I love you ! when soshi get concert in Indonesia? Indonesian Sone are waiting for this! :*

  49. Anggita says:

    윤아! 나는 당신을 사랑 해요! 소시는 인도네시아에서 콘서트를 개최 할 때? 인도네시아어 소네이 너무 많이 기다리고 있습니다! 당신을 사랑 해요!

  50. Rate this:
    (Tiffany)Eonnie, i Love you and i hope you come to my home 😥

  51. Sushiness1900 says:

    Taeyeon unnie what is your height?

  52. YOONYUL says:

    everybody now if write something do snsd can read it ?? pllz tell :3 loll i really want them to know how i fell

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