SM TOWN WORLD TOUR 2010 Information (Seoul,LA,Shanghai)

Cr: SMEnt

SMTown world tour, Seoul‘s Olympic Stadium – Aug. 21st
Japan promotion, showcase @ Tokyo’s Ariake arena – Aug. 25th
SMTown world tour, Staples Center Los Angeles CA – Sept. 4th
SMTown world tour, Shanghai‘ Hongkeou gymnasium – Sept. 11th

◆ Ticket Price/tax in
– 80,000원(won)
– 40,000원
– 20,000원

◆ Reservation
◇ Ticketing Starting Date: 2July 23rd, 2010 / Fri / 7pm
◇ Ticket : (Tel. 1566-5702)

you can get tickets to any Staples Center events via


via their official website, under their
‘events’ tab which ultimately lead to ticketmaster’s window

**as of right now, SM concert has not been listed yet, so look in the coming days
as Staples Center and its ticketmaster affiliate update their information.


Cr: Yurui’s World ; 2uss@soompi

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