06.29.10 – 07.04.10 Sunny, Hyoyeon and Seohyun UFO Replies

Fans:Noona/Unnie when you are bored,play the guessing game.:Who is the best when they are with a strawman??
Hyo: I want to know!!!!who?Is it a boy?

Fan:Do you still write diary entries everyday?
Hyo:Erm…Seohyun does..I do write on my diary too.
(not sure if it is a diary but it just meant that Hyoyeon do write too)

Fan:When you guys goes to japan ,please do not forget us sones..promise?
Hyo:Of course ..We won’t forget Sones till we die..

Fan(to Sunny):When i miss you , where can i find you?
Sunny: Your dreams,and your heart..

Fan: can you give me a heart??
Sunny: One only?We can give you ten…

Fan(to sunny): I pray for Sunny and the rest to be happy and healthy everyday..
Sunny:Thank you..The weather is getting bad ,becareful not to catch a cold!

Fan :Noona/Unnie,talk to me..Encore please
Sunny :Stop till here..This is the lyrics
(No.7 is quite vague,i don’t quite understand..Pardon me)

Fan:Noona/Unnie give us some power..Our examinations are round the corner..With the power,we will have energy~

Sunny:Try your best for the examinations.Hwaiting!

Fan:Tomorrow is my examinations but i have no clues to those yet…
Sunny:Oh..How!!!? NoNo.You will definitely fare very well for your exams.Hwaiting

Seohyun: Hello everybody,thanks for helping me to celebrate my birthday.Because of everybody, i am feeling very happy.


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  1. Love SNSD says:

    seohyun , I love the you

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